November 2020

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New Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing prevention rules       

Important changes to the legal scheme against money laundering and terrorist financing, starting with a change in the very own definition of the concept and the broadening of the number of entities obliged.

Moreover, relevant changes were also made to the legal system for the Central Registration of Beneficial Owners
Banking operations – Dangers of new technologies?

Opening a Bank Account in Portugal for foreigner that do not have residency in Portugal
Opening a bank account in Portugal is one of the first steps to be taken by a non-resident wishing to live, acquire a property or open a business in our country.
Banking operations – Dangers of new technologies?

The increase of the Electronic Signature demand in Portugal 
Given the current situation of uncertainty and instability, incompatible with the common procedure to physical sign agreements, contracts, documents, or other acts, it becomes increasingly urgent and imperative for companies and individuals to adjust and access to the digital transformation and, in particular, to use the electronic signature instrument.
Banking operations – Dangers of new technologies?




Le licenciement collectif - un instrument de restructuration de l’emploi au Portugal

L'exceptionnalité de la situation et l'urgence déclenchée par l'épidémie de la COVID-19 ont conduit à l'approbation, depuis mars, de différentes mesures extraordinaires et temporaires pour les travailleurs et les employeurs touchés par l'épidémie de la COVID-19.

En ce qui concerne les entreprises, ces mesures visaient avant tout à assurer le maintien des emplois. Or, après 9 mois de crise pandémique et l'accentuation de ses effets économiques, les entreprises se lancent désormais dans des opérations de restructuration et promeuvent les licenciements.
Banking operations – Dangers of new technologies?
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