Teresa Lopes Ferreira

VolverTeresa Lopes FerreiraTeresa Lopes Ferreira incorporated Belzuz Abogados in Lisbon in 2006.

She develops her activity in several areas of law, with special focus on Civil Litigation and, more recently, Family and Family Business Law.

Civil and Comercial Litigation and Procedural Law: provides legal advice and has extensive experience in monitoring and managing legal proceedings arising from contractual disputes (pre-contractual liability, interpretation of contractual clauses, performance and (in)compliance with contracts) and corporate disputes (disputes between partners/shareholders, challenging corporate resolutions and liability of directors).

Intervenes both in the extrajudicial phase, promoting the mediation/conciliation of the parties prior to the initiation of legal actions, and in the judicial phase.

She also maintains an intense activity in Insurance Law, representing, in and out of Court, several insurance companies in their different branches of activity (life and non-life).

Family and Family Corporate Law: assists in family disputes with an emphasis on mediation and its resolution prior to any judicial proceedings, taking into account the special nature and interests involved in this type of conflict.

In the development of her activity in this area, assumes the management of divorce proceedings and regulation of parental responsibilities, advises on the drafting of wills, definition of property regimes and pre-nuptial and partition agreements.

Considering the development of family relations in several EU and non-EU countries involving Portuguese citizens, and regarding the Portuguese-Spanish nature of the office, she has also sponsored the transcription of marriages and the registration of divorces and other forms of dissolution of marriage, as well as the recognition and review of foreign sentences that are intended to produce effects in Portugal.

Still in the area of litigation, he has extensive experience in matters of Health Law, in all areas of activity, namely civil and criminal liability, medical negligence, both from the perspective of injured patients and insurance entities.

  • Areas of practice:


    • Insurance Law | Administrative Law | Family and Family Business Law
  • Education and Training:


    • Law degree, Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, 1985
    • Post-graduate "Community Law", Faculty of Law, Lisbon, 1994
    • "Executive Process" Bar Association course, 2002
    • Course on "Commercial Arbitration", Luso-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, 2007
  • Date of joining Belzuz: 2006
  • Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish
  • Admitted to the bar: 1998


Belzuz Abogados - Madrid office

Nuñez de Balboa 115 bis 1

  28006 Madrid

+34 91 562 50 76

+34 91 562 45 40

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Belzuz Abogados - Lisbon office

Av. Duque d´Ávila, 141 – 1º Dtº

  1050-081 Lisbon

+351 21 324 05 30

+351 21 347 84 52

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Belzuz Abogados - Oporto office

Rua Julio Dinis 204, Off 314

  4050-318 Oporto

+351 22 938 94 52

+351 22 938 94 54

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