Our team has safely returned in person to the Madrid, Lisbon and Oporto’s offices with a renewed energy, adopting all the hygienic and safety measures advised by the Portuguese General Health Direction in order to ensure adequate safety for our employees and clients.

The Madrid office is open from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm and Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

The Lisbon and Oporto offices are opened from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

We hereby recall our main contacts:

Belzuz Abogados Madrid

(+34) 915 625 076


Belzuz Abogados Lisboa

(+351) 21 324 05 30


Belzuz Abogados Porto

(+351) 22 938 94 52/53


For any urgent contact in a non-labour period, you can reach Mr. Enrique Belzuz Fernández through the number:

(+34) 609 502 843


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  Areas of practice

Wide knowledge of Law in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

Commercial and
Corporate Law

Commercial and Corporate Law

It covers all types of corporate transactions, as well as advice in corporate conflicts and restructuring operations

Litigation and
Arbitration Law

Litigation and Arbitration Law  

In constant contact with the other departments of the firm in order to maximize the fit between the substantive law and process.

Fiscal and Tax Law

Fiscal and Tax Law

A comprehensive and effective legal service on Taxes, in close coordination with other departments of the firm.

Labour Law

Labour Law

The labour area offers coverage in all the needs in the field of social work may arise in business activity.


Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Department specialized in the areas of product liability, traffic law, general insurance and general liability.

Digital Law - ITC

Digital Law - ITC  

At this department we combine all legal aspects affecting areas like distance commerce or electronic communications.

Family and Family Business Law

Family and Family Business Law

Department mostly conciliator and mediator, who tries the parties reach a friendly settlement before any legal proceedings.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law

It provides ongoing advice for our clients with government bodies and represents them in cases of conflict.


Banking Law

Banking Law

Extensive experience in providing legal services to banks, opening representative offices and branches in Portugal and in setting up legal entities.

Real estate Law

Real estate Law

Extensive experience in legal advice to companies, funds, institutions and individuals in urban development and environmental matters.

Public Law

Public Law

We provide specialized legal advice to entities from the public sector, private companies and individuals.

Investments in Latin America

Investments in Latin America  

We have a strategic network of collaborating law firms in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Uruguay.


Securities Law  

We have an experienced team excellently positioned in the financial and securities.

Infrastructure & Project Finance

We provide our clients with the best solutions in legal, technical and particularly, financial challenges.

Media & Entertainment  

We have experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in cultural, creative, educational, sports, entertainment and communications industries.


Departmental coordination means global » vision in terms of problem solving


Belzuz Abogados - Madrid office

Nuñez de Balboa 115 bis 1

  28006 Madrid

+34 91 562 50 76

+34 91 562 45 40

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Belzuz Abogados - Lisbon office

Av. Duque d´Ávila, 141 – 1º Dtº

  1050-081 Lisbon

+351 21 324 05 30

+351 21 347 84 52

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Belzuz Abogados - Oporto office

Rua Julio Dinis 204, Off 314

  4050-318 Oporto

+351 22 938 94 52

+351 22 938 94 54

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.